about us

“The older saints get the younger their hearts become.” - Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan

Our Mission

All of these retreats seek to help souls grow in holiness through a spirituality of simplicity, confidence, and trust.


These retreats distill complex theological concepts into something simple. Each time you go through them you will find they help in a different way. 

These retreats grew as a fruit from the Children’s Rosary prayer group movement. This Apostolate began in West Hartford, Connecticut in 2011. At the time the founder was suffering from a genetic condition affecting her joints that had made her dependent on her husband and three children for simple tasks such as preparing food, opening doors, and putting on her shoes. A call for help came from her Church priest due to a financial situation with the parish where the finances put the future of the Church in question. In prayer an idea came to bring the children of the parish together in prayer of the Rosary . On April 10, 2011 a small group of children knelt in prayer of the Rosary for the parish. The collection that weekend would be the highest for the remainder of the year second only to Easer and Christmas. Yet the parishioners were not aware that the children were praying for this intention. In this it was a beautiful signal grace of the power of the humble prayers of children. The families who attended decided to continue meeting as a monthly prayer group that became known as the Children’s Rosary. In a grassroots way word spread of this prayer group and others wanted them in their parishes. Groups also formed in schools, homeschooled communities, and in orphanages. Always the children would meet in the Church, School or orphanage. No groups met in homes. 

Through the years of the Children’s Rosary in many ways the children and adults involved were in the spiritual school of Our Blessed Mother. Through prayer of the Rosary Our Lady was guiding hearts to greater and greater simplicity, confidence and trust. It became clear that the way children approach prayer and Our Lord is indeed the model for those who may be much older in years.  The beauty and fruits that came through the simple prayers and disposition of the children made it crystal clear that this simple path was one for not only children to tread but also adults.

In December of 2020, the founder of the Children’s Rosary who was still suffering disability, released the book Child Consecration: To Jesus through Mary—Following in the Spirit of St. Thérèse, the Little Flower this would become the first of three retreats. The second book released in the spring of 2024 was A Soul Prepared through Suffering.

“Put in the time each day for the retreats and you will find you are different on the other side.”

Dr. Blythe Kaufman