A Soul Prepared Through Suffering

While looking at every chapter through our own lens of personal suffering and loss, we are amazed at the deep thought, wisdom, and spiritual insight of the author; truly she has experienced firsthand suffering that we can relate to on a physical, emotional, spiritual and theological levels.

Bob and Maureen Digan (miraculous healing of Maureen, led to the beatification of the Polish mystic Sr Faustina Kowalska now know as St. Faustina)

Like you, my family has endured its own level of suffering whether it's dealing with chronic illness or a child with autism. That message comes through loud and clear in Blythe's new book that helps us to see past the suffering that helps mold us and lead us to the treasure that lies beyond.

Doug Keck, EWTN President and Host of EWTN Bookmark

“A must read.”

Bishop Oliver Doeme

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